Open the future

Franchise of a real estate agency


International real estate office

Run the agency with a profit of 3 000$ a month.

Global realtor experience

Wide geography
We provide real estate services all over the world

A complex approach
We solve any problems of our clients

Family Realtor
Unique development of Big Key Realty

All services of the real estate market

Branded service and individual solutions for everyone

Developments and guidelines

Business plan
individual development for each partner

complete guide to doing business and working with customers

Advantages for the developer
savings on sales

KPI analysis
Regular evaluation and recommendations for work

From 12 months
payback period

How much does the Big Key Realty franchise cost?

All-inclusive payment
8 000 $.

Investments in the opening
13 000 $.

1-3 month - 0 $. 4-6 month - 250 $. 7-12 month 500 $. c 13 months - 900 $. (about 1.5% of revenue per year)

Monthly profit
1st year - 1 300 $.
2nd year - 2 500 $.

  • Brand BigKeyRealty
    right of use
  • Brand-book
    manual and instructions guide to doing business
  • Business-book
    guide to doing business
  • Business plan
    individual development
  • Know-how
    author's technique of sales
  • Space
    help in selecting
  • the startup team
    effective start-up
  • Staff
    raining of the owner and employees
  • KPI-analysis
    Regular holding in the office of the franchisee
  • Maintenance
    legal consulting and IT
  • Promotional materials
    samples of advertising materials and layouts

Basics of the profit of our partners

2700 $
monthly profit

Secrets and scripts
author's sales methodology

Full-time education
for partners and key employees

Legal support
consultation on all issues

Startup Team
help in starting up each partner

Order of cooperation.

Contract and payment of a lump-sum fee
Step 1
Step 2
Selection and coordination of premises
Repair of premises
Step 4
Staff recruitment
Full-time education
Step 5
Step 6
Debugging business processes
Launch the agency!
Step 7

Countries in which we work.